Hooded Crow

I had heard that a hooded crow had been seen at Gibraltar Point in Lincolnshire and I hoped it would still be there when I called in this week. I had been walking for over an hour looking for it among other birds. However, it was nowhere to be seen. So I decided to go to the visitor centre for a coffee. On my way back to the centre along the beach I saw something black rise into the air in the distance. It landed on the sand and I looked for it through my binoculars. It was the hooded crow, but it was too far away for a photograph. So I approached it, and hoped I would be able to get close enough to get a picture. I saw it rise into the air and land again three or four times before I got near enough to get a record shot. That was all I managed as it was on a sandbank and there was too much water between it and me. However, I managed a few shots before it flew off ainto the distance.