Brent geese coming in to land

I started off the day at Frampton Marsh by seeing a red kite in the distance - too far away to photograph, but it was good to see it gliding around. I saw lots of birds on the reserve, including a massive flock of golden plover. I also walked down the River Witham to its mouth with The Wash. On the shore of The Wash was the largest flock of oystercatchers I have ever seen. There must have been around two thousand of them. On the walk back to the reserve I heard a noise that continued to increase. It was a massive flock of brent geese heading towards the coast. It divided into two, with one group coming in to land and the other carrying on the journey. This shot is of some of the geese which landed on the reserve. The noise was colossal. In the trees at the side of the reserve I saw a few corn buntings and then as I continued walking back to the car I saw a barn owl which briefly landed on a fence and then when it realised I was there it flew off. I was not quick enough for a photograph.