Sunbathing greenfinch

I went to RSPB Old Moor in South Yorkshire today. When I set off from home it was raining, but the forecast was for it to brighten up. However, as I neared Old Moor, the weather deteriorated . It became quite misty and that, mixed with the rain, was not very pleasant. But, I decided that as I had come this far I might as well go round the reserve. As the day progressed the weather did indeed get better. All in all, it was a great day. I saw a Mediterranean Gull but it was too far away for a photograph. There was also a fantastic aerial display from a peregrine falcon as it dive bombed several black headed gulls. Towards the end of the day when the sun was quite low in the sky I went back to a part of the reserve where there were many small birds flying around. This greenfinch was one of the birds enjoying the afternoon sun.