Just a little about me.
I have been taking photographs for many years. The first camera I had was a Brownie 127 when I was six years old. (You can try to work out my age from that).
Since then I have had several cameras over the years, ranging from a Kodak bellows camera that I inherited, a Zenith 35mm camera, Minolta film camera, and then on to digital.

My first digital camera was an Olympus Camedia 3030 which I still have and it still takes good images.

However, I missed my SLR so I invested in a Canon DSLR and never looked back. I have had several Canon bodies over the years along with Canon, Sigma and Tamron lenses.

I have now sold all my Canon equipment and gone lighter with the Fuji mirrorless bodies. At present I am using a Fuji XT2 along with some of the excellent Fuji glass.

I have had a passion for nature for many years and I enjoy being out with my camera trying to capture the natural world, although other images also tend to creep in here and there.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my images on this site, most of which are for sale. Please keep returning to see what has been added and if you have any comments get in touch via the CONTACT page.